“We are all broken”

The Figure bent and broken in prayer on its knees, represents all of us especially when faced with strong challenges.

I hope that having this cross with you it will remind you that you are not alone in your suffering because God is with you. Stay strong in your faith and I promise you, there are brighter days ahead!’’

“Inspired by God and Trust she Followed her heart in the name of Love for him” ❤️

My Story

Antonia’s Promise is a story of healing and miracles through the intercession of the Virgin Mary. It was the day that I asked our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for his help.

A Jewish woman who had seen me suffering and broken and said, before you go to bed tonight “Make God a Promise”, I said a promise? I don’t understand, she said yes, a promise that if he helps you take away what you are going through that you would do something in return for him. I then said I will pray for you, and you pray for me.

I had my rosary tightly in my hands a picture of Jesus beside me, with my whole heart and tears in my eyes, I lifted my arms and said looking up to Jesus “Dear Lord Jesus Christ fill me with your Love and Light and take away what Im am going through,” and if you do so I promise to spread Love and light as a vessel for you. God took it all away and grated me a miracle and in return Since then, God has kept his promises and I have kept mine.

Keep the Faith Always